Sunday, August 14, 2011

Girls are favorite lovers of colors and they always show their interest in choosing colors right from their outfits to fashion accessories and beyond they even color hair to match outfits can say girls are bonded to colors in fact they are so excited to pick colorful accessories.And Talking about nail paints and the pick,Today's fashion statement not only involves exciting colors from best brand but it has stepped ahead with that of Nail art and gals have made this art so popular and more demanding.
Before discussing about Nail art and design, I would like to list the Top 5 brand nail polish which has disturbed and tempted girls to purchase their non stop collections.
The very first always comes
  • O.P.I(Pricey Product yet great band full of color,last long,wide attractive range of colors and does not chip)

  • China Glaze(It has Fun colors and I love the crackle nail polish from China glaze)

  • Orly
  • Essie Polish
  • Sally Hansen

Manicure regularly to pamper your beautiful hands and fingers.Well,Now let us get into the topic of nail art.
What is Nail art or Nail Design?
Trend today has come forward with innovative Nail art where in we design our nails using multiple colors to finally come with some design or art say for example we can draw a design on nails or you can draw a butterfly or rose whatever comes in front of your vision to give a creative look.Further finally you can use glues to paste stones or any other samll accessories that comes to in the market for nail art work.
  • Use nail polish primer to get stayed with colors long.
  • Use acrylic paints for artwork and
  • Use nail paints that comes with fine tip brush which comes handy for you to draw your own fun designs.(Sally hansen comes with very fine tip brush which aids you giving perfect fine lines)
  • If you do not like a design you can easily wipe it of with acrylic paints.
  • Always use contrast colors if your base is light go for dark color to give designs over that and viceversa.
The design which has made girls crave for it is the zebra designs with hot shades like pink and red and more.I'm gone mad after the zebra design on hot pink color.
The next one which has inspired to do one for me is the nail flowers glued with bright colored stones.ooooooo........ so must give it a try.....

This video tutorial is from 3TanjaJ3 from you tube,just watch it to give up a try today

Isn't the video great.Fabulous video of nail art glued with stones. I really loved got ideas from it .Loved to share with u guys...
Have great fun!!!


  1. hey there nice page...
    ive been looking for crackle nail polish from sally hansen or china glaze but havn't found them anywhere in tamil nadu.,.. could u please let me know where it is available?? please mention places or sites where available.. thanku awaiting ur reply..

  2. I firstly thank your for your comment on my blog you can give try on this wesbite to purchase branded like china glaze and much more exciting brands and products are available.

    Would pleased to hear from you more.

    Many Thanks ,